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The Umbra Program

What do I get if I become a member of the network?

1) Free delivery on any order of $1000 or more within a reasonable distance from an available supplier (the definition of reason will depend on the suppliers and branches individually). The probable distance will be approximately 60 to 75 miles, but this again depends on the individual branch management policy. We will absorb the cost.
2) Rewards program. This will be made available quarterly that can be left to accumulate or drawn at the desired time period after becoming available. This will be from three possible categories, all with the same approximate value of 3% of all purchases made (purchase with payment is required to count)    
        – cash rebate. Issued as a check directly to the business.
        – travel. Either travel (flights, cruises, hotel stays, vacation plans, etc.) purchased directly by TNT Industries or as a check sent to the business owner.
        – gifts. Either gifts such as amazon or restaurant gift cards, hobby purchases, tools and equipment (We actually have some good options to help there), or similar.
3) Competitive bid protection. We will not bid on any projects that they are currently being asked to bid on, provided they share with us the name of the customers requesting estimates from them. This allows for less confusion and shows our support for the network contractors.
4) Competitive employee protection. We are going to expand our labor force. If the network contractor has a current or previous employee (up to one year after leaving their employment), we will not only not actively recruit anyone in their employ, but we will also not accept them to come work for us as we intend to show our loyalty to our network. 
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    Together we have more than 30 years experience in the construction industry.

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    With more than 30 years in the industry, we learned enough to deliver the best.

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    Even with all the delays the shortages have caused, we are on top of our projects.

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    We strive to deliver the best craftsmanship possible.

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    We offer a reasonable cost in addition to financing options for your investment

    Quality Professionals

    Our team is selected among the most skilled pros in the market.

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    Consult us for our regular discounts, gifts and offers.

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    A word from our founders

    “Our company has undergone many changes over the years as we have grown. We started as siding contractors and now by incorporating windows, doors, roofing and daylighting systems into our business model we are able to design and install every aspect of your home or business exterior. As experts in each of these areas we have a valuable understanding of how all these parts work together to create the most beautiful and efficient whole. We pride ourselves in the quality of our finished products. The exterior of your home will not only look great, but also keep out water, snow, ice, bugs, rodents and anything else that may cause harm to your investment.​.”

    - Nick and Gabe Tilley

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